Savings Over Time

What if you saved longer?

You know, for retirement or something.

See the impact of "low interest" fees

They look small, but they make a big difference.

Daily Breakdown.

  • Great job! You can treat yourself to 0 a day.
  • You are planning on saving 0 today.
  • Unfortunately, it costs you about 0 a day.
  • Would you look at that, every 24 hours you generate 0.

Weekly Breakdown.

  • You should plan to spend no more than 0 a week.
  • Why not make weekly contributions of 0 to your savings?
  • Your payments are starting to add up 0 this week.
  • Yay you earned 0 this week!

Monthly Breakdown.

  • You are spending about 0 a month on yourself.
  • And making big strides with your savings. Another 0 added.
  • Did you make sure to make all your payments? 0(ish).
  • You were paid 0 this month.

Yearly Breakdown.

  • Did you know you are spending around 0 a year?
  • If you stick to your plan you will save 0 this year.
  • All your payments added up to around 0.
  • Your take home pay this year is 0.